Let’s start this off with Ozzie because he is the most recent addition to our pack. As most of you know I travel quite often for work. Last week I went to Austin Texas for a night for a meeting with a client. On my way home near Temple Texas I saw 2 little chihuahuas running in the median with people chasing them across lanes. My friend and I immediately pulled over. They were almost like a magnet to me. I guess you can say I have a gift. They both ran straight for me and I scooped them up. Everyone asked if I was okay taking them but how could I not? It was one male and one female. The male, now named Ozzie, has fit in perfectly to our home. He is about 10-12 years old. He was unaltered, needs a dental, has significant hair loss and had no vaccinations after being out on his own. He was starving. Ozzie snuggles with me in bed every night. He craves love and affection almost as if he has never had any. It was fate that we found him and his sister. I will introduce his sister on another day. Today let’s keep it about Ozzie ❤️ This 6lb little boy has already added so much love to our family. All the kisses he gives make every penny worth it.

Ozzie snuggled up with his new siblings (and mom).
Ozzie right when he was scooped up and put in the car.