Two weeks ago another rescue asked us to take a 12 year old one eyed Shih Tzu from them. They were concerned that she would be difficult to adopt due to her age and physical issue (only having one eye). We agreed and the cutest, spunkiest girl came along to live with us! She was all wags and wiggles! We named her Winky!

Winky fit right in with our crazy crew!! She loved the big back yard and climbing into our bed for long naps! She looked so forward to snacks and would do the cutest wiggle dance to get one. She had a happy spirit and an easy going nature and she was a joy to have around. 

This afternoon when Adam took her lunch to her she was gone. She was sleeping peacefully and just slipped away. We are shocked and sad. She did not have any health issues that we were aware of. 

We surround ourselves with lives that are fragile. We just have to remember to celebrate every day that we have with these angels. The last couple of days I have had the urge to give her a little more time, attention, snuggles, and kisses, and thank god I did. Thirteen days with you was not enough Winky Dink…we love you!

Winky on her freedom ride to our sanctuary!
Winky Dink loved to snuggle. She was happiest in a pile of blankets and pillows.
Rest in paradise my winky girl. I hope all our other babies welcomed you at the gates ❤️ 13 days was all you needed to know how loved and wanted you were.

Published by Adrienne Wyse

I rescue hospice and special needs dogs on my travels all around the country!

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