The Arkansas Three

Early this morning I drove to Texarkana on a very special mission that actually started about three years ago….

Three years ago I saw a post on a rehoming page about an elderly woman in Arkansas who could no longer care for her Chihuahuas. One of them had no front legs. I was so worried that these dogs would end in the wrong hands that I went and got them. There was a third Chihuahua but she wanted to keep him for companionship. So at that time Rocky and Jack joined our family. Sadly, Rocky died in his sleep recently and Jack has a very bad heart so we are grateful for every day with him. Both are very sweet boys who were wonderful additions to our family!

I left Arkansas very concerned about this woman. Her health was very precarious and she was living in an area that was not safe. She has a daughter who is very devoted to her well being but the woman is difficult and makes it hard for her daughter to properly care for her. I also left concerned for the other Chihuahua. I planned to stay in touch with her to check on her well being but also to be available in the event that she needed help with the remaining dog. Unfortunately her health has continued to deteriorate and she could no longer care for him.  

So today we made the journey to bring Tater to our home. My heart hurts for him. He has spent 18.5 years in the same home with his mom. He must be so confused. But we will work hard to make him feel at home. Daphne, Bella, Juliet and Macho made the trip with me and welcomed Tater. 

We made our customary stop at Chick Fil A and sang Queen songs the whole way home and he looked like he was having fun! Tonight we trimmed his very long nails. met new friends and cuddled on the couch. It was a tiring but good day!

Here’s to new beginnings Tater!

Tater’s freedom photo!!
Jack taking a nap
Love the bond Jack and his daddy share.
We are so lucky Jack is still with us. His numbered days are full of love and kisses.
Rocky is the sweet boy born without front legs. It’s so hard to look at photos of him, I miss him so much.
Rocky was always so happy until the very end. Mommy misses you and loves you so much baby boy.

Published by Adrienne Wyse

I rescue hospice and special needs dogs on my travels all around the country!

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