Fate brought Trudy and me together…
I took a short cut through a really bad neighborhood one day and I saw a darling terrier mix running down the middle of a busy street. I tried to get her in my car but I scared her and she ran out in traffic so I was afraid to try again. I remembered that the Humane Society was near there so I went there and asked for help. They said no. They told me that she had been thrown out of a moving car along with a box of puppies. They had retrieved the box of puppies and set a trap for her but when homeless people in the area stole the trap they had given up. They said they were not willing to try again due to the cost of the trap.
I worried about her all night and finally made a post about the situation on Facebook. A wonderful woman contacted me and offered to help trap her. We tried for two days but she was just too smart!….
Finally, a bemused police officer who had been watching all of this suggested that we offer to pay the first homeless person to catch her $20. He said we would have her in five minutes. It turned out to be thirty seconds….
Trudy is much younger and much larger than most of the dogs that come through here but she is so loving and grateful to have a home that she will be a permanent resident of the nursing home for dogs…
We love you sweetness!!…

Trudy girl on her favorite chair.
Look at my beautiful shaggy girl!

Published by Adrienne Wyse

I rescue hospice and special needs dogs on my travels all around the country!

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