Several months ago two rescues went to a home where there were 32 dogs living in squalid conditions. The rescues each selected the dogs that they wanted and at the end there was one cage left on the back porch of the home. In that kennel was Lulu. She was the only dog not chosen by either rescue. Luckily, one of the rescues called me and I met them and got her. Lulu was not chosen because she is old and blind. 

Shortly after Lulu came here one of my Instagram followers said they wanted to adopt her. Sadly she had some medical issues that delayed her trip there and they decided to adopt another dog. Maybe she was meant to stay here after all!! 

Lulu has really come out of her shell. She loves snacks and loves the big back yard!! Even though she is blind she spends hours wandering around the yard but when she is ready to come back in she stops in her tracks and barks and barks!  Royalty always gets carried into the house after all!! 

Those rescues missed the boat and left the best girl behind!! So glad she’s mine!!

Look at how beautiful my Lulu is!
This girl loves being outside getting fresh air!
Sweet pea enjoying some grass time.
You soak up that sun, Lulu!!

Published by Adrienne Wyse

I rescue hospice and special needs dogs on my travels all around the country!

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