I first laid eyes on Cooper in Dog Alley at Canton Trade Days in East Texas. He was in a playpen at the back of a breeders booth. He was just cast aside. For me it was love at first site! I learned that the reason that he was not with the other puppies was because he is deaf and was deemed unadoptable and surely would have been dumped or put down. I asked the breeder if I could have him and he said yes. He was and still is the cutest puppy I have ever seen! He became my constant companion and best friend. We made many road trips to Florida together where we snuck him in the “no dogs allowed” beaches late at night so he could run on the beach!! He did this with such joy! Cooper has one black spot in the center of his forehead. I always told him that God put it there for me to kiss. I have kissed him there a zillion times.

Unfortunately due to bad breeding Cooper had many health issues. He has horrible allergies which have taken many medications to control. We are at the point where the medications are no longer working and he is suffering. He cannot enjoy the outdoors because of his allergies and because he scratches his face on the brick of our home until it bleeds. It is very hard to watch.

Last year Cooper was diagnosed with cancer. We have controlled it with medication but in the last thirty day’s he has lost five pounds although he is eating so it seems the cancer has spread. Today will be our last day together… sweet boy….I will love you forever…

Cooper enjoying a sausage!
Look at Cooper all dressed up for the 4th of July.
Mommy and Cooper together. He’s my boy.
He knows he’s mommas boy, my Cooper.

Published by Adrienne Wyse

I rescue hospice and special needs dogs on my travels all around the country!

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