Daphne (Daffers, Dafferdil, Daffy) was a wonderful surprise addition to our rescue! She came to us in an unusual way. Several months ago a sweet friend of mine went to a residence to pick up three dogs that were being surrendered to another rescue. She saw Daphne running around the neighborhood as a stray. She verified that she did not belong to anyone and picked her up thinking the other rescue would take her. The other rescue was full and suggested that we take Daphne. Since our rescue is focused on extreme seniors, hospice and special needs dogs and Daphne is a dwarf we were very glad to take her. It was one of the best decisions we ever made because we adore her! Daphne is very, very bonded to me. She tolerates Adam but she is my girl 100%.

Daphne is very determined to never let me out of her sight. If she sees me getting dressed she runs between my room and the door making sure that I cannot slip out! At night she sleeps with her body across my neck and if that becomes too hot she sleeps right by my head with her paw on my neck. I wake up many times during the night and give her a tiny kiss or cuddle. Daphne is very loving. She welcomes any new dog but also makes sure that they know that she is #1 girl in this household! Sometimes I think that she never had anyone to love her before now and that makes me sad because she is so sweet and precious. But, I am so glad to be the one that is the recipient of her affection and so glad to be able to give her the love and affection that she needs.

Daphne has many unique quirks. She has the funniest run because her body is so round and low to the ground and her legs are so short. Sometimes she gets running so fast that she starts rolling. She jumps right up from this and seems to be laughing at herself! She also rolls when she poops! Her center of gravity is so low that she is always off balance. Thankfully she is very good natured about pretty much everything! Daphne’s favorite thing in the universe is Chik Fil A!! There can be no car trip for her that does not involve this delicacy! Pretty much every CFA within a 20 mile radius knows her! Many times at the drive through the employees take her picture and laugh at her unbridled joy when she sees the bag containing her chicken headed out way! 

Daphne is a younger dog. Our vet estimates her to be between 5 and 8 years old. Hopefully that will mean that we will have many years with her. Daphne was recently spayed and had her shots. She still needs a dental which she will have soon. Her breath does not smell like roses but it is not nearly as bad as many that come here with mouths full of rotten teeth. I cannot even imagine the pain and suffering that those babies go through before we meet them and can get their teeth taken care of! The expression “great things come in tiny packages” absolutely applies to this darling girl! Thank you for the many laughs every day my angel!

Daphne all dressed up for the cold weather
Daffers soaking up some sunny rays
Daphne and my daughter at Christmas time
Daphne on a shopping trip with mommy to Home Depot!

Published by Adrienne Wyse

I rescue hospice and special needs dogs on my travels all around the country!

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