Nochi (Pinacchio) came into our rescue from another rescue several years ago. At that time his brother Noli (Cannoli) also came with him. They had been deemed “unadoptable” because they had come out of a situation of extreme abuse and neglect and had some health issues and behavior issues related to that abuse. I was shocked and heart sick when I met them. They were very thin and both of their mouths were so rotten that the entire inside of their mouth had decayed. Their jaws were very unstable. Noli was blind and Nochi is vision impaired. I stared at these poor, sweet souls and tears slid down my face. All I could think was “Why?”….I found out that they had been dumped along with five other dogs at a local shelter. No cruelty charges were filed. On their way out of the shelter their ‘owners” encountered someone in the parking lot who was coming in to surrender a puppy and they took that dog off of their hands. That poor baby….

We had only had them with us for about six months when Noli had a massive seizure and died before I could get him to the vet. I was really frustrated and angry. He had been with us for such a short time after a life time of abuse. It didn’t seem fair to me but life is not always fair sadly. I am just glad that he had a time in his life when his tummy was full, he had a soft bed, great vet care and most importantly love. He was a good boy and I am so glad that we got to know and love him. He is still very much missed.

Nochi is a total character. He is very opinionated and full of life. He loves to dance around the kitchen on his back legs and beg for treats! There are not enough treats in the world for him because he is always STARVING even after a big meal!! We have to put any treats way in the back of his mouth so he can hold onto it. He knows this and gladly holds his mouth open wide and leans his head back! Then he does a little happy dance and begins begging for the next treat!! He can be dead sound asleep and if the refrigerator door opens he will start dancing! Nochi has no bones in his nose which is kind of odd at first but we got used to it and now it is just one of the things that make him so unique! Nochi is an old man now (probably 16) but he can kee up with everyone else. He loves the big back yard and he adores his soft, comfy bed where all the girls want to cuddle up with him! He is handsome in an interesting way! There will never be another Nochi! I am so glad to share life with him!

Handsome Nochi in the backyard!
Nochi enjoying his very own ice cream cone!
Here is a side profile showing Nochi’s snout
Nochi with a group of his buddies!!!

Published by Adrienne Wyse

I rescue hospice and special needs dogs on my travels all around the country!

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