What is the difference between a heart dog and a dog that someone loves very much? I have learned that while we love every dog that comes through our door immensely there are some that just grab ahold of your heart and you love them in a different way. It may be their background story. It may be that they remind you of a dog that you loved very much in your childhood. It may be that they look at you differently than the others or interact with you in a different way. I am not quite sure but I do know that heart dogs exist. Anyone who has been following me for very long knows that my ultimate heart dog was Wally. I rescued him from Mesquite Animal Services. He was a giant ball of matted fur, long nails and horrible attitude. He growled and snapped at me every chance he got and he was terrified of us and everything about us. He had obviously been treated very badly. When I had him groomed what I found underneath was four pounds of the cutest Pomeranian I had ever seen. He did not even look real. He blossomed into a total love bug although he always retained his sassy attitude including pulling my hair every night while he was perched on my pillow. I didn’t care! Everything he did was precious and I adored him. He died very unexpectedly three years ago. At that time I came as close to completely collapsing as I ever have. I cried so hard I screamed. I did not sleep or eat for many days probably even weeks. I have never grieved like that except for when my dad died. Wally was my baby and his death left a giant hole in my heart. It is still there but I have earned to deal with the pain and the hollow feeling but believe me, I thought for a long time that I needed grief counseling or a psychiatrist. I felt so lost without him. Part of me thought NEVER AGAIN will I love a dog that much but then came along Macho….

Macho and his mother landed at Dallas Animal Services for reasons that are unknown to me. They came to us via another rescue because they were older and difficult to adopt out. Machos mother, Flaca, was blind and he was very intent on looking after her. There are photos of him covering her with his tiny body in the shelter because she was very scared there. He has always been a protector and is certainly protective of me when he knows I am upset. Both of them had a very bad parasite when they came and that parasite had caused them to lose their hair. Although we cleared the parasite up their hair never grew back. Our vet said that particular parasite came from living in filthy conditions. Sadly, a year after they joined our family Flaca’s heart gave out and we lost her. Macho was devastated. Some people say that animals do not grieve but I know that is not true. I started taking him everywhere with me to try and cheer him up and he and I quickly bonded. I can honestly say that he is my best friend. Macho understands me. He is very in tune with my emotions and without speaking offers me great comfort and love. He is an amazing listener too! He is so much a part of me that I hate being away from him. Although I still miss Wally every day, Macho has helped my heart heal. His tiny quirks make me laugh and the fact that he always looks like he smells something bad is hilarious. This tiny boy that someone left in a loud, scary, dangerous shelter with no regard for his life means everything to me. It is true…one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure! He sure is mine!

Macho man!
Macho eating his favorite, chicken from Chick Fil A.
Macho enlisting back up!!
This is where Macho sleeps every night! Snuggled up with mommy.

Published by Adrienne Wyse

I rescue hospice and special needs dogs on my travels all around the country!

One thought on “Macho

  1. Thank you Adrienne. When we lost our last greyhound I wanted to die. I lost 30 lbs and cried all the time. My life was over as far as I was concerned. Never again would I have a dog. Chucky was my absolute soulmate, my touchstone, my life. Eight months later I saw a little hairless, neglected, sad dog on Facebook at a shelter in the Panhandle and my heart opened. I inquired immediately and was incredulous that I was doing so. My husband was completely in shock. We waited 3 months for Howie to heal and then adopted him. I felt as though Chucky had planned it all and guided the entire process. It’s been six years since I lost my beautiful boy and I still grieve. Very hard sometimes. Everyone was so surprised we went from rescuing greyhounds for 15 years to a tiny little chihuahua. Two years later we rescued Honey a little 3 legged chihuahua terrier mix. I’m sure all Chucky approved. Perhaps Wally has guided you the last 3 years and “approved” each little life you have saved. I remember Wally. He was totally a perfect little boy. He has comforted me over the years that most of the time I mention Chucky’s (Challenger) name, Howie always snaps to attention. Keep up the good work. You are prayed over and loved by those of us with similar hearts. xox Deb


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